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What Does The Process Look Like?

 Step 1 

Email or Call with concerns to see if OT can help you.

An OT will contact you to have a short discussion about your referral and book an initial appointment if required. Please bring any requested paperwork to initial appointment.

 Step 2 

If client is a child the first session is with the parent only.

This allows time to discuss freely the referral concerns and fill out relevant questionnaires and paper work. Other initial appointments will be with the client only if client is adolescent/young adult and parent meeting is not required.

 Step 3 

An initial assessment will involve clinical screening and formal assessment.

After the assessment is complete a short discussion with parent/client will occur to discuss the treatment recommendations and timeline.

 Step 4 

Treatment goals are established and therapy begins.

Therapy is not always a predictable sequence of events and working together will be the key to success.


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