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Frequently Asked Questions

 What does a therapy session look like? 

Each session is individually planned for the client and caters to their individual needs.

Campfire Occupational Therapy has a large clinic space that can meet client’s needs of all ages.  The clinic space does have stairs on-site and those with mobility concerns will be accommodated by therapy occurring in an environment of their convenience.


 What is your fee structure? 

Campfire Occupational Therapy charges a fee/hour of service, which includes time for written reports/letters.  Travel time will be charged for any requested visit that occurs more than 30 km from the clinic.  Please call for current fee structure.

 Are your services covered by insurance? 

Occupational Therapy may be covered by your insurance plan or through another agency.  Please call your insurance company/agency to inquire with them directly. Unfortunately, Campfire Occupational Therapy does not direct bill insurance companies, however, a receipt will be provided to you for reimbursement.

 How do you accept payment? 

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, cheque or e-transfer.

E-transfer must be completed at point of completion of therapy session.

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